NCAA Division I

Scholarships to NCAA Division I Universities

Among the three NCAA divisions, Division I universities generally have the biggest student bodies, manage the largest athletics budgets and offer the most generous number of scholarships. Universities who are members of Division I commit to maintaining a high academic standard for student-athletes in addition to a wide range of opportunities for athletics participation.

With nearly 350 colleges and universities in its membership, Division I schools field more than 6,000 athletic teams, providing opportunities for more than 170,000 student-athletes to compete in NCAA sports each year.

Division I college sport has helped the NCAA generate over $1 billion in annual revenue.  DI universities spend a very large amount of money on their college organizations in the facilities, coaches, equipment, and other aspects, and as a result many Division I athletic directors and basketball and football coaches have annual multimillion-dollar salaries. The highest paid NCAA basketball coach in 2019 was Duke University's Mike Krzyzewski at $10 million per year and the highest paid football coach the University of Alabama's Nick Saban at $9 million per year.

Big brands such as Nike, Adidas and Under Armour have also invested heavily in Division I college sports in order to have their brands associated with the leading student-athletes in the nation.  UCLA’s $260 million kit deal with Under Armour highlights the level of investment being made in Division I college sports teams.

NCAA Div I Sports NCAA Div I Colleges NCAA Div I Scholarships
Baseball 298 11.7
Basketball (M) 344 13
Basketball (W) 342 13
Bowling (W) 31 5
Cross Country (M) 305 12.6
Cross Country (W) 333 18
Field Hockey (W) 78 12
Football FBS 120 85
Football FCS 125 63
Golf (M) 294 4.5
Golf (W) 238 6
Ice Hockey (M) 58 18
Ice Hockey (W) 34 18
Lacrosse (M) 59 12.6
Lacrosse (W) 87 12
Rowing (W) 81 20
Soccer (M) 204 9.9
Soccer (W) 314 14
Softball 286 12
Swimming (M) 134 9.9
Swimming (W) 192 14
Tennis (M) 263 4.5
Tennis (W) 320 8
Track and Field (M) 274 12.6
Track and Field (W) 312 12.6
Volleyball (M) 25 4.5
Volleyball (W) 327 12
Water Polo (M) 45 4.5
Water Polo (W) 65 8
Wrestling 73 9.9

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