Top US University Admissions

Top US University Admissions

While the Ivy League colleges afford you an incomparable level of prestige and open you up to a world of opportunities, they aren’t your only option for high quality education in the US.

Realistically, they only apply to a tiny geographical portion of the East Coast, and the US is a massive country. It would be naive to think they were the only options.

In fact, for the past two years running, the top two colleges in the world according to QS World University Rankings have been non-Ivies - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford.

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How to get into MIT

Despite not being an Ivy League school, MIT frequently features at the top of world university rankings lists; in fact, MIT has remained in the number one spot of the QS World University Rankings for the past three years!

If you’re unsure about what direction you wish to take your academics, MIT is perfect for you because you are not required to commit to a specific major when you apply. This allows all first-year students to explore their options and begin their journey at MIT with an undeclared major. Your freshman year at MIT will be dedicated to exploring the academic fairs, lectures, seminars, and other programs offered by MIT to decide on a major that will suit you.

The most popular major, and one MIT is world-renowned for, is Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a lot of MIT graduates heading over to Silicon Valley to pursue a career in the tech start-up industries after graduation.

Due to high rankings and liberal arts approach, gaining admission into MIT isn’t easy and the acceptance rate is a competitive 7.2%. Statistically speaking, an Early Action application increases your chances of admission, but it’s still no guarantee. The best course of action for admission is to understand the application process and what MIT are looking for in candidates.

Hint: MIT is very academically focused.

How to get into Stanford

Outside of the Ivy League, Stanford is one of the most competitive US colleges to get into with a shockingly low admission rate of 4.65% – lower than all the Ivy Leagues schools!

Another point of difference is that it’s located on the West Coast in the sun-drenched state of California… a massive bonus given the East Coast can be oppressively cold, windy, wet and snowy at the worst of times.

Stanford’s close proximity to the tech hub of Silicon Valley is a huge drawcard for many students and, not surprisingly, its most popular degree is Computer Science. The degree’s popularity is rapidly growing, too. Since 2008, the number of students enrolled in Computer Science on a yearly basis has more than tripled!

Knowing how to beef up your application to stand out from the rest of the application pool can be your key to gaining admission into Stanford

How to get into NYU

Located in Manhattan, one of the most inspiring cities in the world, New York University (NYU) is a highly desirable study destination for students the world over. As well as being desirable, the acceptance rate at NYU is a more than welcoming 27% and there’s no limit on the number of students they take in each year.

What’s more, admitted students are guaranteed housing for all four years in the many residence halls situated around Manhattan!

The most popular majors at New York University include: Visual and Performing Arts, Social Sciences, Business, Management, and Marketing. Common careers for NYU graduates are in the fields of Finance, Entertainment/Arts and Education.

NYU loves international students, with the most of any US college, so if you understand the ins and outs of the application process and give admissions officers what they’re looking for, there’s no reason why you can’t get in!

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