Academic Scholarship Search

Academic Scholarship Search

Academic scholarships are awarded to students who have demonstrated a high degree of scholastic aptitude and performance. These scholarships are typically well publicized and competition for them can be fierce. While all scholarships must consider a students’ GPA, academic or merit-based scholarships are rewards for the years of hard work and diligent effort put demonstrated by young and talented students.

While academic scholarships are primarily based on a students’ GPA, award committees also commonly take into consideration other factors including extracurricular activities and leadership qualities. Award committees are looking to reward the brightest and most deserving students, and that means students that have performed exceptionally in many areas – not just the classroom.

Benefits of Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships carry a significant level of honour and prestige. They impress a college admissions board and they will impress any future employers. While academic scholarships are highly competitive, if you are eligible for one you should definitely apply. In addition to the cash award which will help you pay for your tuition costs the honour and prestige that comes with an academic scholarship will stay with you as you pursue your college career and ultimately enter the workforce.

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